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The Freestyle Futboler, a Poem

Futbol forever

Inked across his chest

Asleep with a smile

Head upon ball, he rests

No prison to call home

No wardens to report

No worries in the world

Because life is too sport

He wakes on the street

He makes his way with his feet

Juggling for applause

Claps fuel his feet’s beat

With claps come coin

With coin comes food

His energy prolonged

By the smiles he chewed

No pension, no prison

No purgatory, no pride

Only passion for Futbol

Juggling freedom in stride

Ball in the air

Till sun sets to ground

Then back on the ball

His head lands again found


In San Jose, Costa Rica, I met “Bull.” He is a Guatemalan, three-time champion of Central America for the sport, Freestyle Futbol. He juggles a soccer ball on the street to make money to eat, then he competes. He sleeps where he can with family, friends or on the street. He is free and happy and living his dream. He juggles a ball through the day, and at night he rests his head on his ball to sleep. If a day is a life, and if his head were a ball, each night he’d be struck by his pillow, and he would be juggled by his Futbol. Ball is life. He is free.

Find Bull on Instagram at @BullStreetStyle.

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