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Poem - The War for Peace

Recently, I visited Victory Midtown Church to watch a friend get baptized. During the message, the pastor spoke about how we must prepare ourselves for war everyday in order to achieve inner peace. Through preparation and prayer, we glean the peace of mind that we are prepared for any adversity or evil that threatens us.

The message resonated with me on many levels:

1) Through discipline, we gain freedom - Jocko Willink Video

2) "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Seneca

Adversity and struggle is ALWAYS opportunity, so prepare for hardship in order to orchestrate luck.

3) Good and evil are in constant states of flux in this world. Fight for more good in the world by being good and bolstering the ranks of positivity and constructive change.

After marinating on this sermon, I wrote a poem about the war for peace during my solo brunch at Mary Mac's Tea Room.

The War for Peace

Every sunrise trumpets

A new day’s battle

Unrelenting war for peace

Resolved not to rattle

Path to peace is wrought

With tireless toil and strife

So wake up with war paint

Dawning shield and knife

Shalom in sheath

Intuition in hand

Adversity barriers back

Glass armor from sand

Struggle breeds strength

Challenges change hearts

Trials sharpen minds,

Made whole from hard parts

An internal journey

For external ends

Yin and yang linked

War and peace form friends

The Valley of peace

Lies beyond mountains of war

Fighting forward everyday

For serenity’s core

- Matt

If you'd like to listen to Victory's "Live Stronger" series, referenced above, check it out here:

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