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Luxury Lounge-Wear for Quarantine and Beyond

Welcome to the work-from-home life!

#WFH is a beautiful thing. The comforts of home. Food perpetually available. Pants being optional.

I've been working from home in some capacity for the past three years. As an entrepreneur, sometimes it makes sense to skip the co-working spaces and hunker down to knock out some work. I can't even estimate how many Google Hangouts or Zoom calls I've been on with sweatpants lurking just off screen. In this day and age, especially during pandemic times, a plentiful assortment of loungewear / athleisure is a must. Here are my top picks:

If you haven't tried lululemon loungewear yet, do yourself a favor and dive all the way into the most comfortable, durable, delectable athleisure for quarantine life and beyond!

If you get it, hate it, and want to return it, then all you have to do is tell me, and I'll guarantee the full return, plus a donation to your nonprofit of choice. 


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