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How Great is Gratefulness?

Gratefulness is the greatest.

Being grateful is an appropriate response to anything that happens. Success? Grateful for those who helped. Failure? Grateful for the lesson. Pain? Grateful it wasn’t worse. Pleasure? Grateful for the treat.

One of my least favorite things about America is our affinity for holidays, especially ones driven by capitalistic agendas. One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving because:

  1. It is centered on community and generosity

  2. It celebrates gratefulness and togetherness

  3. It isn’t inundated with greeting cards, candy or presents

In that spirit, I’d like to share what I’m grateful for this year.


  • I’m grateful for my progress in chess (Carlos, Dave, Elena, Lena, Tolly)

  • I’m grateful for a money-management system that reduces stress and sets me up for my ideal future (Sam)

  • I’m grateful for the knowledge gleaned from weeks of group and solo-travel this year (Chase, Chelsae, Rob)

  • I’m grateful for a Brawl Board that lends amazing advice and keeps me accountable to our mission (GG, Rodney, Vann, Sam, Mom)


  • I’m grateful for my progress in Boxing and ChessBoxing (Jon Kolowich, X3, Vesta, Iepe)

  • I’m grateful for more knowledge and skills in diet and cooking (Danielle, Jimbo)

  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to try out fitness concepts in Atlanta and share new workouts with friends via @MovingwithMatt (Jeremy, Chris)

  • I’m grateful for good health and rehabilitation to be in travel and competition ready shape year round


  • I’m grateful for closer bonds with family, especially my little siblings (Kyle, Kaitlyn, Calvin, Sam)

  • I’m grateful to old and new friends for great conversations and memories (too many)

  • I’m grateful for the Brawl Team, Brawl Veterans and Brawl Nation for inspiring and supporting me everyday (too many)

  • I’m grateful for the love for self and love for others I’ve developed this year.


  • I’m grateful for a closer relationship to God and nature

  • I’m grateful for progress in yoga and meditation practices

  • I’m grateful for daily reminders that I am a part of a bigger, more complex, more beautiful whole

  • I’m grateful for this life and want to do my best with it

What are you grateful for? Be specific. Who helped you achieve or acquire the states or objects for which you’re thankful? What would you like to be grateful for in the future?

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