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The Meaning of Life

Want to have a meaningful life?

Here’s the secret - Give everything you do and everyone you meet meaning. No matter what you do, make it mean something. No matter who you meet, take meaningful action.

Learn something, help someone, engage deeper, do more. It can be that simple.

Once you plant the seeds of meaning in everything and everyone, purpose sprouts. Once you water them with more focus, energy and action, your sapling grows into the tree of life.

Typing away at a job you don’t like turns into a practice of repetition, a meditation of monotony, a consolidation of energy until you are ready to move on.

Cleaning the house turns into purging your brain of its dirty thoughts, doing small tasks with exce

llence, and residing in a safer, more pleasant, more harmonious space.

Spending time with family or close friends turns into an opportunity for an unforgettable memory, a life-changing conversation, or one of the few times you have left with them before they pass away.

Meeting a stranger turns into unlocking a story vault, learning a lesson the easy way, and writing a new character into the screenplay of your life.

If you want your life to have meaning, it starts with your mindset. Your mindset ascribes meaning. Your mindset frames your experience. Your mindset makes or breaks your life.

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